Pre-O-Tour Asia and Star Clipper O-Cruise 2021


Before the cruise we organise a Pre-O-Tour to Philippines, Borneo, Brunei and Singapore 18-27 Nov.

PWT Travel organize O-cruise with Star Clipper again from November 27- 04 December.

Before the cruise we organise a Pre-O-Tour to Philippines, Borneo, Brunei and Singapore 18-27 Nov.

This time we will start the cruise in Singapore and end up in Phuket, Thailand.

Price in euro per person for the cruise included fullboard 27/11-04/12 (7 nights) in different type of cabins;

Owner’s Cabin €3.800 (sold out)
Cat. 1; €2.850 (sold out)
Cat. 2; €2.500 (5 cabins left)
Cat. 3; €2.300
Cat. 4; €2.200
Cat. 5; €1.900 (soon sold out)
Cat. 6; €1.700 (3 cabins left)
Extra bed (3rd berth) €800 (available just in a few cabins)
Port Charges €205 (all pay same in port charges)
Gratuities €56 (will be split on the ship-crew. You can give extra tips onboard to anyone you like)

Cruise-Entry is valid after a deposit of 500€ p.p. is paid.
Deposit 2 on 1.000€ p.p. is invoiced around March 15.
Final payment for the cruise will be around September 15.

PWT is also offering a Pre-O-Tour to Philippines, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Nortborneo, Brunei and Singapore.
Approx. price NOK 11.450,- from arrival Manila to dep. Singapore included accomodation w. breakfast (share twin/dbl) flights Manila-Kota Kinabalu, Brunei-Singapore, bustransfers Manila, Kota Kinabalu, Brunei, Singapore, bus from Kota Kinabalu to Brunei, sightseeing w. lunch in Brunei. Travelleaders from PWT Travel.
Extra to pay; options, other meals/drinks, flight instead of bus from Kota Kinabalu-Brunei, o-races, singleroom.

Nov.18 Flight from Europe to Manila, Philippines.
Arrival Manila Nov.19 around noon local time. Transfer to the hotel situated close to Rizal Park in downtown. We are in touch with a new young o-federation that we will help with a new map.
Nov.20 O-race in the morning. We are staying in an area perfect for to discover the centre of old Manila by foot. National museum, Manila Ocean Park, Fort Santiago etc. If you get tired you can just jump on a local colorful taxi, Jeepney! There are also several restaurants and musicbars around the hotel-area.

Nov.21 We have a flight for Kota Kinabalu on North Borneo this afternoon so you can use the morning to see more of the city or maybe make a tour to watch the Taal vulcano!

Nov.21-23 shall we stay 2 nights in Kota Kinabalu that is a city in the province of Sabah, Malaysia. We will offer you an o-race and we also plan a trip to the foot of Mt Kinabalu famous for the nature and the gorillas.
From Kota Kinabalu we give you 2 options to transfer for Brunei on November 23. One option is to fly in the afternoon and it takes just 45 minutes. The other option is an exotic busdrive but it takes around 8 hours… It gives you anyway a chance to follow the daily life along the road and to travel through a tropical landscape. You will also receive 8 stamps in your passport! Out of Sabah, into province Sarawak, out of Sarawak, into Brunei, out of Brunei, into Sarawak, out of Sarawak, into Brunei!

Nov.23-25 Brunei. We will stay 2 nights in this small state and sultanate. It was British until 1984 when it become a Sultanate with the Sultan as the ”King”. We also hope to get in touch here with people interested to develop orienteering (they had one person from Brunei in an o-clinic in Malaysia 2 years ago) and we hope an o-map can help. Beside orienteering we plan a sightseeing-tour in the River Brunei with mangrove and bird/water-life + a lunch when visiting the capital Bandar Seri Begawan.
From Brunei we take a flight to Singapore on November 25 and we will get 2 nights in this exiting metropole before we start the O-cruise in the evening of Nov.27.

We ask you who wants to join the Pre-O-Tour to send us an email for an open entry asap.
There are already around 50 persons entered for the Pre-tour and we can take max. 60 persons.

For those just interested in the Star Clipper O-cruise we reccommend you to arrive Singapore latest on November 26 to be sure any delays doesn’t give you problems to reach Star Clipper in time for embarkation between 16.00-17.30 on Saturday November 27.
We are also organising stage 1 of PWT-O-Cruise in the morning of Nov.27 and that is planned to the area of Fort Canning Park. We will have hotelrooms in walkingdistance from this park so if you are interested to join us 1-2 nights in Singapore before we start the cruise we can offer the rooms and also transfer to the marina for embarkation. We will then also help those interested in doing some sightseeing in Singapore before we leave. If you are arriving Singapore already on November 25 you will have more time to discover this pearl of Asia. There is also planned a late afternoon o-event on Nov.26 for the group on the Pre-O-Tour but it is of course also possible for those other interested to take part. We are cooperating with our local o-friends in Singapore about the races there.

February 22-29 will our mapmakers Petr Hranicka and Jaroslav Kacmarcik travel the route with Star Clipper to prepare maps etc. Petr Hranicka will continue to Manila, Kota Kinabalu and Brunei after Singapore/Star Clipper/Phuket.

Prel. program Nov.27-Dec.04 for PWT-O-Cruise with Star Clipper
It’s time for a new O-cruise in a new part of the world!
If you travelled with PWT earlier on any of our O-cruises in Caribbean you know  about the fantastic type of adventure waiting for you! Just to embark this beatiful ship, Star Clipper, is a dream! A travel with  this «Tall Ship» included great food and accomodation added with o-activities will give you a memory for life!
November 27 Embarkation 16.00-17.30 at Marinas Bay Cruise Center, 61 Coastal Drive, Singapore.
When we are onboard and checked in our cabins we will meet for a safety-info before we are ready to  weigh anchor to the music of Conquest of Paradise and to head for the open sea!
November 28 Today we reach the historical city of Malacca (founded 1402) and will stay there from 12.00-18.00. It is famous as one of the oldest trading ports with a strong Dutch and Portuguese influence.
We will run stage 2 of the O-Cruise and you will have a chance to join the option sightseeing of historical Malacca. There are often some excursions as options when we are on land that will be fit in so that you can both have time for the o-race and any optional shore excursion.
November 29 will be a day on the sea. It will be an o-activity on our ship today on a special designed map. We need some activity to afford the great kitchen onboard! There will also be good time to relax on sun deck and in any of the 2 pools.

November 30 is it time to visit the beautiful islands of Langkawi, Malaysia (The Jewel of Kedah) from 08.00-17.30. O-race, beach and sea + excursions like Jungle-trekking or Island tour are on the program today!
December 01 will we reach Thailand and the island Ko Adang (10.00-18.00). We will stay on an amazing beach! This island is famous for the ”green sea turtles”. Our mapmakers will make a map so that we also get a race here!
December 02 will be a spectacular day with the famous part of Phang Nga Bay and the limestone-islands, included  a stop at Ko Hong close to Krabi. Also here we will have an o-event and it will also be excursion to Koh Panyi & James Bond Island, famous from the movie ”The Man with the Golden Gun”.
December 03 is another special day when we arrives at the Similan Islands, worldfamous for diving,  snorkelling and beautiful beaches. As it is a natural reserve/national park we might not be permitted to make a map and event here but our mapmakers will find out.

December 04 is the day of arrival Phuket and disembarkation. We will organise a final O-cruise-event close to our arrival jetty. Some of you might fly home tonight to be back in Europe Sunday morning but most people are probably interested to have a night (or more) in Phuket.
We will help those interested to have a room in Amari Resort or the neighbour hotel Seaview for the night Saturday-Sunday (or more on request). If you fly home Sunday evening you will have 2 full days in Phuket and you will arrive Monday morning in Europe (Oslo/CPH etc.) Please tell us if you want a night (or more) in Phuket and which hotel you prefer.

As we chartered whole Star Clipper it can be possible we make some small adjustments in the program to fit our own activities like o-events during the cruise. We will know more after February when the mapmakers have travelled this route.

We will come back with prices for Singapore and Thailand as well as Pre-O-tour as soon as possible.

We are now in touch with hotels and flightcompanies to get all info needed.

Welcome with your entry! Send us your entry included personal-info like name (also as shown in passport), date of birth, country of passport, address, normal category and SI-number for O-events, other wishes. Enter on



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